Athletics and Activities

Athletics and Activities

GAA Athletics

At GEMS American Academy we believe that the soul of our school is reflected in what happens before and after the normal academic day. This extension of the school day, whether it be in athletics, in the arts, or in clubs, sets the tone for the school year. Our Athletes are therefore a valuable component of the school's education program and as such, GAA attempts to provide avenues for all students who wish to take part in them. At GAA we encourage our student athletes to be both motivated and competitive, while learning the valuable life skills involved in being part of a team.

GAA Philosophy of Participation

GEMS American Academy believes that interscholastic activities are an integral part of the educational process, providing valuable educational experiences outside the classroom curriculum. Many valuable lifelong lessons such as sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, etc. are learned through participation in athletics and activities. It is the goal of GAA to maximize the opportunities and effectiveness of the lessons learned through athletics and activities. The following components contribute to the enhancement of the philosophy:

• Vertical Integration – youth and middle school programs that support the high school athletic programs

• Development of fundamental sports skills.

• To provide GAA students a diverse array of options for co-curricular learning and growth

• Competitive athletic programs that promote academic and athletic excellence

• Programs that allow for maximum opportunities for student participation and that are developmentally appropriate, tailored to the physical, mental and emotional maturity levels of the participants

• Principles of fair play and sportsmanship, both on the field and in the stands

• We aim to foster a positive environment in which both coaches and students demonstrate; perseverance, dedication, good sportsmanship and respect for all.

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After School Activity Program (ASA)

GEMS American Academy offers a comprehensive athletics and activities program intended to enhance the physical, social, emotional, artistic, and intellectual growth of participating students. After School Activity Program (ASA) Our after school activity program is teacher lead and is offered 4 times a year, for a six-week block.

They take place on S-T-W-TH from 3:00pm to 4:00pm The activities are open to all students from Grade 1 through to Grade 12. These activities can be sport, musical, creative, academic, student leadership and service learning in nature. All ASA’s offered on campus are free of any additional fees.

GAA is an active member in the following Athletic Conferences

Emirates Athletic Conference (EAC)

The local league was established to promote interscholastic activities among the 6 member schools. The league facilitates the organizing of schedules, oversees operating procedures for the various sports, and conducts league games and tournaments.

OASIS Activities Conference (OAC)

Is a 10-school international conference that promotes interscholastic activities among membership schools from around the Middle East. The OAC promotes activities to enhance each member schools’ programs through the development of: sports competition, academic and intellectual pursuits and fine/Performing arts activities.

Junior Emirates Athletic Conference (JEAC)

The JEAC program was established in 2014 to provide an opportunity for students in Grades 4-6 to develop fundamental skills in football, swimming and athletics. JEAC competitions emphasize participation, sportsmanship and fun. The league was established to promote interscholastic activities among member school from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The league facilitates the organizing of various sports fixtures and tournaments throughout the year.