GAA Parents Association (GAAPA)

GAAPA's success depends on parent involvement

Welcome GAAPA Members!

Welcome to the GEMS American Academy community.  Simply by sending your child to GEMS American Academy you have become a member of the GEMS American Academy Parents Association (GAAPA).  We look forward to your involvement in our many wonderful GAAPA projects planned for your child throughout the year.

Mission Statement

An excellent and successful school depends on the healthy partnership between teachers, parents, students and the community. As the identified parent association, GAAPA’s mission is to work in collaboration with the school to encourage a sense of community through events and activities that enrich our children’s educational experience at GEMS American Academy. GAAPA will support, assist and cooperate in events aligned with the school program. GAAPA believes in fostering the tradition of kindness and caring that exists within the school. Within our vast community of learners, we would like to promote the notion of unity in diversity that promotes an acceptance of different cultures and people.

GAAPA ... For Students by Parents

With your help, GAAPA is able to provide a wide variety of activities such as guest speakers, welcoming of new students, the International Food Festival, movie nights, and so much more.  All funds generated from GAAPA sponsored activities are used to fund GAAPA programs and enrichment programs for students.

How can you get involved?

GAAPA's success depends on parent involvement.  Being a GAAPA volunteer is the first step toward making new friends and learning about new cultures.  Along with the GAAPA, parent volunteers support and head numerous committees for our events.  These opportunities offer parents a chance to participate in an area of interest or expertise.  Volunteers are asked to become involved in decorating, organizing festivals, promotions and marketing, and hosting special events.  Through volunteering you will see how the success of our students enriches not only our lives but the overall school atmosphere--and you will play a role in our 'Culture of Kindness'.

If you wish to get involved, please send an email to